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Heinz House

Heinz House The Heinz House was the boyhood home of H.J. Heinz, located in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. In 1869, Henry John Heinz, the son of German immigrants, began to produce and bottle horseradish in the basement of this house, the beginning of a world-famous food processing and packaging business.

By 1900, the H.J. Heinz Company was one of the largest packaged food companies in the world.

The H.J. Heinz Company bore the strong imprint of its founder and chief executive officer. He involved himself in every phase of the corporation, even choosing the company’s colors of black, green, and red in 1878.

Heinz House Desk The Heinz House contains the desk that H.J. Heinz used, a gift from his mother, in the H.J. Heinz Company headquarters, between 1878 and 1890. Christmas 1890 the "lady" employees gave a desk chair as a gift to H.J. Heinz.

In 1904, H.J. Heinz donated this house to the H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh. Heinz House Display In 1904, the house was moved down the Allegheny River by barge to its new home at the Pittsburgh headquarters. The "Little House, Where We Began", became a company museum in 1906.

Today the building features H.J. Heinz artifacts exhibiting the brand name advertising pioneering efforts of H.J. Heinz in America. The exhibition includes 100’s of original labels, brochures, advertisements, buttons, and photography showing the progression of advertising. The building was moved to Greenfield Village in 1957.

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