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J.R. Jones General Store

J.R. Jones General Store Built in 1856 in the rural village of Waterford, Michigan, this general merchandise J.R. Jones General Stor store changed hands many times and operated as a grocery store and post office before being moved to Greenfield Village in 1927.

Now restored to the 1880’s, when Waterford was a resort community, the building is stocked with a wide range of goods such as coffee, sugar, fabric, fishing poles, candy, clothing, rakes, household items and shoes. These are the items that customers and the large number of vacationers from cities like Detroit and Lansing, might have purchased during the summer months, at the time that James R. Jones ran the store. Jones’ customers could purchase a variety of mass-produced goods brought by railroad, place a call from Waterford’s only telephone -- or simply stop by to hear the latest news. J.R. Jones General Store J.R. Jones General Store

Over the years the second floor had a variety of uses, including a roller skating rink, a place to see shows and the living quarters for the Joneses.

The town of Waterford sponsored a baseball team called the Lah-de-Dahs. Today the baseball team can be seen in action on Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the summer months.

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