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Dr. Howard's Office & Herb Garden

Dr. Howard's Office & Herb Garden Dr. Howard's Office & Herb Garden Built in 1839 as a schoolhouse in Tekonsha, Michigan, Dr. Alonson B. Howard converted this building to his office in 1855. The building consisted of a waiting room, laboratory and his office and illustrates the state of medical practice in rural America in the mid-1800’s.

Dr. Howard, who was born in 1823 in upstate New York, was educated at Cleveland Medical College and University of Michigan. Even though he Dr. Howard's Office & Herb Garden was university trained, he also relied upon traditional herbal remedies, that he learned from local Native Americans, in treating the patients on his weekly circuit. His circuit included the towns of Jonesville, Battle Dr. Howard's Office & Herb Garden Creek, Marshall, and Jackson, which required traveling by horse or train. He made syrups and pills for his patients from herbs, roots and barks many of which were grown in his garden.

Like many country horse and buggy doctors of the 19th century, Howard also served as dentist, druggist and surgeon for his patients.

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