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Railroad Water Tower

Railroad Water Tower Each day that steam locomotives operate on the Weiser Railroad, water must be taken on for the boiler. When railroad operation first began in Greenfield Village, a 14,000 gallon water tower provided water. It was not originally built for trackside use, but rather for shop use at the Michigan Central Railroad Shop in Detroit. After two decades service in Greenfield Village, it was badly deteriorating and leaking, and was torn down in May 1993.

The current water tower holds 39,000 gallons of water and was constructed from a kit purchased from the Rosenwach Tank Company of Long Island, New York. The tower kit cost about $60,000. It was shipped to the village and assembled by the Greenfield Village staff on-site, and sits on the old tower foundation. Its hardware, plumbing, and component parts all came from the original Michigan Central Railroad Shop water tower.

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