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DT&M Roundhouse

DT&M Roundhouse Roundhouses required both skilled and unskilled workers with various specialities to keep the locomotives in good working order. For every day that steam locomotives ran, they needed a day of maintenance. The workers learned their skills on the job and often discovered new ways to get the job done.

The reconstructed DT&M Roundhouse is a replica of a 1884 railroad maintenance building built in DT&M Roundhouse Marshall, Michigan, by the Michigan & Ohio Railroad. The original maintenance building serviced locomotives that ran between Allegan and Dundee, Michigan.

DT&M Roundhouse Though the building changed hands many times and was operated by the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee (DT&M) Railroad for just a few years around 1900, the citizens of Marshall Michigan still call it the DT&M Roundhouse. The building remained in operation as a roundhouse until around 1930.

In 1992, Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village acquired the few remaining pieces of the original DT&M Roundhouse. Site plans, original photographs, historical research and the acquired pieces were used in 2000 as a guide when reconstructing the 13,500 square foot roundhouse.

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