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Carousel This colorful carousel is complete with hand-carved wooden animals and a Wurlitzer band organ. Herschell-Spillman made the only carousels with giant green frogs--and they are the only carousel animals that wear human clothing.

The Herschell-Spillman Company built this carousel in 1913 in North Teswanda, New York. Their talented craftsmen created a wider variety of hand-carved carousel animals of any manufacturer, ranging from storks, to giraffes to zebras. Although the original location of this carousel is unknown, it operated in Spokane, Washington from 1923 until the 1950’s when it was moved from Liberty Lake, Washington to Greenfield Village. Carousel

A main attraction, the carousel is a symbol of an era that centered around the turn of the century, The colorful carousel has never lost its appeal. Young and old alike are still enthralled with an old carousel.

Some of the first American carousels were made and used in New York. In the 1890’s there were carousels at North Beach, Long Island, Brooklyn, and at Central Park as well as at locations throughout upstate New York. Today the Herschell-Spillman Carousel Factory in North Tonawanda, New York is on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as a carousel museum. Restored Herschell-Spillman carousels are now featured at Greenfield Village, the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, in Livingston, South Dakota, and in Bickleton, Washington.

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