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Henry Ford Birthplace Greenfield Village contains several historic structures associated with some of America's most recognized inventors. The Invention area of the village consists of the following buildings: Henry Ford Birthplace, Edsel Ford Memorial, 58 Bagley Avenue Shop, Mack Avenue Plant, Miller School, Wright Cycle Shop, Wright Home, Edison's Menlo Park including the Accounting Office & Research Library, the Research & Experimental Building, the Metalworking & Dynamo Testing Shop, the Woodworking Shop, the Glassblowing & Blueprint Shop, and the Carbon Shed, Sarah Jordan Boarding House, Edison’s Fort Myers Lab, Burbank Garden Office, East Haverhill Toll House, and the Ackley Covered Bridge.

In real life, though, Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory was never located as it is today, right around the corner from the Wright Brothers Home and Cycle Shop, and Henry Ford’s first automobile assembly plant was not built within site of his boyhood home. However, by bringing a number of historic structures together in Greenfield Village, Henry Ford created a special site where these treasured buildings can be viewed and enjoyed in a single location.

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