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Henry Ford Birthplace

Henry Ford Birthplace William Ford built this house in 1861 in Springwells Township, Michigan. Together with William’s wife, Mary Litogot Ford, they raised and inspired their six children’s future. The eldest son, Henry Ford (1863-1947) was born and spent his childhood in this mid-western farm house, which was originally located about 2 miles from Greenfield Village. Henry Ford lived here until the age of 16 when he decided to go to Detroit Michigan to explore the new world of machines.

William, Henry’s father, left Ireland with his parents during the potato famine to settle near relatives in the Dearborn area. America offered the Ford’s the opportunity to own land. The furnishings in this house Henry Ford Birthplace are evidence that William Ford succeeded in achieving his hope for prosperity.

The house is completely furnished and contains many artifacts from Henry’s childhood as well as gifts to his parents. In the kitchen in the back of the home, demonstrators prepare the daily meals for special occassions.

The William and Mary Litogot Ford Homestead was the first of many preservation efforts undertaken by their son Henry Ford. The house was restored on its original site in 1919 as a tribute to his mother and father. It was moved here in 1944 and opened to the public in 1953 after both Henry and his wife Clara passed away.
Henry Ford Birthplace Henry Ford Birthplace Henry Ford Birthplace

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