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58 Bagley Avenue Shop

58 Bagley Avenue Shop Henry Ford built his first gasoline-propelled automobile in this backyard shed, a replica of the original building, which was located behind the duplex he and his wife, Clara, rented at 58 Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

After putting the finishing touches on his gasoline powered motor car, Henry Ford wanted to test his creation, but he found that the shed door opening was too small for the car to fit through. He used an axe to widen the door so that the Quadricycle could be driven out. On June 4, 1896, Henry Ford drove his first automobile through the streets of Detroit. Later his landlord allowed a door in that spot.

After more than two years of experimentation, Henry Ford at the age of thirty-two, had 58 Bagley Avenue Shop completed his first experimental automobile. He named his first car the "Quadricycle," so named because it ran on four bicycle tires. The success of the little vehicle fueled Ford’s automobile ambitions, leading ultimately to the founding of Ford Motor Company in 1903.

The Quadricycle was built on a steel frame with no body. The dash was made of wood, and the seat was toolbox-like, covered in green cloth with metal arms. There is an electric bell in front of the dash and a bicycle lamp on the side.

This replica of the original building was built in 1933 in Greenfield Village with some original bricks from 58 Bagley Avenue duplex.

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