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Welcome to Greenfield Village!

Greenfield Village, Dearborn Michigan Greenfield Village contains three hundred years of America's past along the streets of "America's hometown" village.

In 1919 when a new road forced the clapboard house that was Henry Ford’s birthplace from its original location, Ford decided not only to move it, but to restore and refurnish it to match his boyhood recollections.

The restoration received so much press that Ford was inundated with requests to save other buildings. Fearing the foundations of our nation's past would be lost to future generations, Henry Ford brought together original buildings from American's industrial age that led to such miracles as manned flight and the electric light, to share the best and brightest stories of how this great nation was formed.

The actual homes, farm buildings, shops, and businesses from America's history are contained within an 88-acre setting. Many of the buildings have presenters to interpret the roles of the original occupants. This is an opportunity to take a trip back through time to hear, see and be a part of history through the sites and stories of American innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

This Web site is dedicated to Greenfield Village as a thank you for the pleasure it has brought to its many visitors.

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