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Plymouth House

Plymouth House The Plymouth House was build in 1845 at 519 North Mill Street in Plymouth, Michigan. Plymouth, founded in 1825, is located about 20 miles west of Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan. The house was built by Peter Trinkhaus for his brother-in-law Christian Fisher. Peter Trinkhaus was born in Prussian in 1814 and came to Plymouth in 1832 where his descendants still reside. Christian Fisher was a shoemaker and sold his shoes from this house. Louis Kensler, also a shoemaker, purchased the house and used a room for his shop until 1869 when he converted it to a saloon until 1871.

Plymouth House was built in the Greek Revival period of mid-19th century in simplified form. Slight modifications were made by Peter Trinkhaus about 1855. The stairway was rebuilt after being damaged by a fire.

In June 1929 the house was moved to Greenfield Village where it served as an office for Edward J. Cutler, Henry Ford’s architect for historical projects. Unfortunately, this house was removed from Greenfield Village during the restoration in 2003.

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