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Mattox House

Mattox House Built in 1879, in Bryan County near Savannah, Georgia, by Amos’ parents, Andrew Mattox and Charlott Morel, both former slaves, was home to three generations of the Mattox family. Here Andrew and Charlott raised their son Amos and his four brothers and sisters.

Amos and Grace Mattox raised their two children in this farmhouse during the early years of the depression of the 1930’s. Amos provided for his family by working many jobs. He was a farmer, barber, shoemaker and preacher and Grace provided food for needy neighbors. Although the Great Depression created severe hardships, the Mattox family found innovative and great ways of making the best out of difficult times, such as lining the
Mattox House Mattox House interior walls with newspapers to insulate the home against the cool Georgia nights and winters and making bird houses from squash. The "ell" attached to the rear of the house originally contained the kitchen and the children’s bedroom.
Mattox House Mattox House

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