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Adams House

Adams House The Adams House, built in Saline, Michigan in 1833, has been restored to the period of George Mathew Adams birth in the 1870’s. Additions were made to the home about 1870. Nearly every room of the house shows the comfort and luxury that the Industrial Revolution brought to Victorian families. A family living here in the 1870’s walked on machine-woven rugs, sat on machine-cut chairs, drank from machine-pressed glassware, and hung machine-printed lithographs on their walls. The front parlors a 1800’s house were formal. They were used for entertaining visitors and hosting weddings and funerals. The back parlors were places for the family to relax. Over Memorial Day weekend, Adams House
demonstrators use this home to re-enact a Civil War era funeral.

The Adams House was George Mathew Adams boyhood home. George Mathew Adams, a Michigan newspaper columnist, wrote motivational and self-reliance stories. Adams’ father was a Baptist minister, who along with his wife raised their five children to have strong morals. George Adams’ column, "Today’s Talk" appeared in newspapers across the country. The column was influenced by his religious upbringing, and its inspirational tone appealed to the average American. "Beaten men take beaten paths" was one of Henry Ford’s favorite sayings drawn from the writings of George Mathew Adams. Adams motivational stories echoed Ford’s own values of self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

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