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Firestone Farm

Firestone Farm This two-story brick farmhouse and large bank barn were built around 1828 in Columbiana County, Ohio in a traditional Pennsylvania-German style which reflected the Firestone’s family roots. In 1882, the Firestone’s updated the house by rearranging the furniture, refurnishing the farmhouse, and adding Victorian trim to the outside. Harvey Firestone, the famous tire manufacturer, was born in this house and later converted it into an experimental farm.

These fields, house and barn at the end of a dirt road re-create a working farm of the 1880’s. The crops, livestock, and agricultural activities Firestone Farm
present the agrarian lifestyle shared by most Americans before the turn of the century. The farm buildings, moved from Columbiana County, Ohio were built by the Firestone family who specialized in the production of fine wool from Merino sheep. Firestone Farm

In 1984, the Firestone family donated the farmhouse and barn to Greenfield Village. All materials were moved and reassembled in Greenfield Village in 1985.

All the livestock at Firestone Farm represent the typical breeds seen on farms throughout the midwestern United State in the late 19th century. The Percheron and Morgan horses, the Dark Brahma chickens, Shorthorn and Devon cattle, Poland China swine and Merino sheep, were all common in 1880, and now rarely seen on farms. They have all been replaced by very specialized breeds.

Firestone Farm Firestone Farm Firestone Farm Firestone Farm

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