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Colonial Life Festival

Colonial Festivities The colonial days of our nation are sometimes thought of as famous names such as George Washington, Paul Revere, or Ben Franklin. We lose sight of the everyday people of the colonies, whether they were citizens or soldiers. During the Colonial Life Festival, the village is transformed back to Colonial Time.

How those everyday men and women lived and how they helped for our nation is re-acted, including the domestic life in the Colonies, Colonial Military Music and Colonial Military Life.

The re-enactment of domestic life includes farming life with the cooking, weaving and gardening that occupied much of a colonial day to social activities of the prominent people of a village including formal teas and various needlework. 18th-century games such as Graces and Quoits, the rules and etiquette of simple country dancing, how beer was made, and what the clothes of the colonist are demonstrated and displayed.

Fife & drum corps marches through out the village and on the Village Green playing different patriotic tunes of the time.

The daily life of a soldier was made up more of duties in and around camp than on the battlefield. The American and British encampments demonstrate how the military cooked, what they ate, and how they cared for their gear. Colonial enlistments and recruitments, especially of 7 to 12 year olds and the British recruitments for those over 5 feet that wished to serve the King and Redcoat basic training are re-enacted.
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