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Weaving Shop

Weaving Shop The Weaving Shop was built in the second quarter of the 19th century in Bryan County, Georgia as a horse-powered cotton gin mill. Originally, most of the first floor was open, allowing horses access to the drive mechanism for the cotton gin located on the enclosed upper floors. When it was initially rebuilt in Greenfield Village the first floor remained open, but by 1944 the entire first floor had been enclosed and a one-story well had been added. Weaving Shop

Today, the process of weaving cloth is demonstrated, from colonial hand methods to 20th century power looms. Presenters demonstrate the skill of weaving on a colonial hand loom; the fly-shuttle loom, the first steps towards mechanized textile production; and the jacquard loom, a 19th century weaving machine that could be "programmed" in much the same way as today’s computer. An experienced fly shuttle loom weaver can produce about a foot of fabric an hour. Also on display are a modern electric powered loom and knitting machines.

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