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Richart Carriage Shop

Richart Carriage Shop The Richart Carriage Shop was built in 1847 by Israel Richart in the small farming community of Macon, Michigan. Carriages and wagons, Richart Carriage Shop
forerunners of modern automobiles and trucks, were the main products of this shop.

Richart Carriage Shop Richart Carriage Shop William and Robert Richart were wagon makers who built, repaired and painted carriages and wagons in this shop. In addition, they fixed other wooden items for farm implements--such as handles for rakes, saws and hammers--and furniture--such as chairs.

Construction and carpentry work were completed on the shop’s first floor. The wagons were then hauled Richart Carriage Shop away from the dust of the first floor workshop up the wooden ramp to the second floor for painting.

The Richarts’, who were in business for more than 50 years, were valuable members of the Macon community because of their ability to repair and maintain the rural town’s much-needed wagons, carriages, sleighs, farm tools and household furniture.

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