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Plympton House

Plympton House Thomas Plympton Sr., a carpenter, came from England as early as 1639. Thomas built his home in South Sudbury, Massachusetts for his wife Abigail, and their seven children. After their original home burned to the ground, later generations of the family built this house in the early 1700’s and lived there until 1834.

The Plympton House is a one-room house with a loft. The central circular chimney was constructed first and the rest of the house was built around it. This design offered dwellers the greatest warmth and protection from the harsh New England winters. Plympton House

Small, sturdy homes like this one were common in the harsh environment of colonial New England during the mid-1600’s. Bitterly cold winters, illness, and the continual need to grow or make many of the things they needed left little time for luxuries for these early colonists.

The brick over the fireplace dates back to 1640. It was discovered in the bricks of the chimney when the building was taken apart and moved to Greenfield Village.

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